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symptoms after 6 months?

Is it possible to have symptoms of hiv 6 months post exposure? I have had vaginal irritation for 2 months which was 6 months post exposure. I'm waiting for my appointment with my specialist for my testing, but I was wondering if this is a possible symptom so soon with no other symptoms?
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Vaginal irritation can be due to a myriad of things, not just HIV.

What was your exposure?
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I had unprotected vaginal sex with a heterosexual white male of unknown status. I went to my gyno and had all std checks, all negative, yeast was negative. I had irritation start two weeks post exposure, then it went away. It came back a few months later and has been back for about two months now. My doctor is sending me to a vulva specialist. Its my only symptom and there is no yeast, no discharge which are the symptoms I have read about being associated but I am so scared.
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I'm presuming that you hit the 3 month mark and tested? if so, what was your result?

As a female it is very common to experience what you are experiencing and it doesnt necessarily have anything to do with stds/stis and is quite possible it is just a bacterial infection, which with antibiotics will clear up fast
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I wasn't at the three month mark yet. I am waiting to go to the specialist. They didn't put me on antibiotics as my yeast test came back negative. As far as I have read most hiv related vaginal irritation is caused by recurring yeast infections and happens when it has progressed. Would I already experience symptoms just after 6 months time with no other symptoms?
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Symptom chasing regarding HIV is pointless, I would say wait till you hit the 3 month mark to obtain your conclusive result. You can rapid test where you will recieve your result within 20 minutes and to answer your question, no
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No I wouldn't experience symptoms so soon?
I am at three months but wanting to wait for my appointment so I have proper counseling should it be needed. I'm so scared as it was such a stupid act and I could have ruined my entire life.
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I forgot to put that it was one exposure and although he did not ejaculate it was completely dry and rough. Are the chances less since he did not ejaculate? Also, the first time we had sex he wore a condom so my hopes is he practices that a lot.
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I just found this article online on statistics:


is it possible the rates are that low in the boston area?
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A test taken at 3 months post-exposure will be both conclusive and provide you with the answers you seek.
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