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symptoms after negative test (8 week)

Dear Doctor,

i have tested -ve at the 8 week mark using a rapid blood test 2 days ago but I did not have any symptoms up to then. Last night i had night sweats and my Preauricular nodes (both sides) were swollen. I woke up this morning with diarrhoea, difficulty in swallowing, runny nose and continuous sneezing, shivers and generally feeling unwell. My nodes are still swollen. Is there any chance that the antibodies have just started forming and the result I received 2 days ago are false? should i get re-tested now or should I just wait for the conclusive 12-week mark? Will a rapid test do for the 12 week mark?

Thanks in advance,
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What was your exposure?
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Just to give you more info:

i am a heter male and i had anal sex with a girl of unknown background. the thing is that the sex was protected but in the middle of things she changed the condom. I did not check whether the first one was broken. The penetration itself did not last long as I was dead drunk.

My glands are still swollen (it must be at least 12 hours now) and I cant think of any other reason why those particular glands would be swollen. I even though of cancer as I have no other symptoms of HIV like rash, fever, stomach problems etc.
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If a condom broke then you would have known because it would not have covered your penis anymore.

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yes that is true but i have no true recollection of the event as I was drunk. + she changed it not me. these things keep spinning in my mind despite the -ve test. i got peace of mind for 1 day and then the symptoms in my first post started appearing.
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Symptoms don't start this long after, if they do happen it is at 2-4 weeks.
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Had it failed she would have told you because she would have been upset.
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