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symptoms hiv?

2 months ago I kissed in the mouth 5 times to a sexual worker, we exchange saliva, the previous thing due to the fact that I was slightly drunk, but my sober companions can give testimony of the previous thing; I have practised safe sex from always and with a stable couple. Recently I had a strange flu, the throat was not hurting, I had something of headache, nasal congestion and few cough, was a 3 days process approximately. For one month I have come feeling a kind of electrical impulses in the armpits and sometimes in the neck. Also develop a slight rash in the dorsal part of my right hand, I had a pain in one of left hand fingers, I have looked at symptoms in Internet and it is possible to treat of a peripheral neuropathy.

Do I wonder if described previous mind can be an indication of an infection with vih? I know it that was low risk exposure, as I have seen in this forum but the symptoms are there! Must I get tested?
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Kissing is not a way of transmitting of HIV.

All your symptoms are due to anxiety or some other illness...

Have a good Day
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Thanks for your answer. So I don't need to get tested, right? again thanks!
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If you did not have a risk, why would you need testing?
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You guys are really fast, I've reading this forum and all of you posts almost every minute! may I ask what is the motivation to help?  
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You guys are really fast, I've been reading this forum and all of you posts almost every minute! may I ask what is your motivation?  
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Do you need motivation to give back to mankind? Can motivation be just educating people on HIV transmission?
I know I came to this website asking questions and after I got my answers I just wanted to give back. So I read and read and read and gained a bunch of knowledge and started to help others. And HIV and STD's seem to be the biggest question asking communities so that is where I help.
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