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symptoms of hiv

This board is very informative! So, I would like to know why a lot of people say never to rely on your symptoms when gauging hiv. What is the point of experts even listing symptoms for people to research if you shouldn't even be worried about them in the first place. Not sure if I posted in right forum or not. So sorry in advance if this is wrong forum.
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Because HIV does not have to show symptoms and when it does it is a very specific time period and the symptoms can be attributed to many different things. So you can't say I have a high fever 3 weeks after exposure so I have HIV because a high fever can come from many other things.
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How comes it seems that all those symptoms seem to come on after a possible exposure or once people start to obsess over it. I mean could it be stress or anxiety that could mimics symptoms? I know the brian is very powerful and it will make you believe just about every symptom u have is related to hiv.
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Anxiety is the cause for all of them. I have been posting here for well over a year and just about eveyone who has a risk and everyone who doesn't have a risk will report "symptoms" and I have never seen anyone who comes back saying they tested positive. Not saying it doesn't happen but everyone I have helped who has tested has tested negative or has not had a risk.

Also symptoms can be related to many other things. The most common symptom is high fever, well we are talking about 101 and above. Well high fevers are common from other viral infections and some people think a high fever is anything above normal temp.
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I had sex and wore a condom in 12/25.2009, but later 02/10/2010 I experienced swollen neck lymph nodes and groin but the ER doctor told me there were not swollen, and my blood work white blood cells lymphocytes were high for 6 weeks, Also, I had extreme lethargy but no fever,  rush or diarrhea. I was diagnosed Vit D deficiency. In the past, I kissed or had oral sex with men? please help?
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