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symptoms question

I recently posted a quesion of my staus. What im wondering is can someone have no symptoms for 10.5 weeks after exposure. Then get swollen lymph nodes in neck, strange feeling in groin. And then the 2 weeks later get fatigued and sore muscles, and develope a rash? I was already told that these usually happen 2-4 weeks after infection. Im wondering if it can happen so late, is there symptoms during seroconversion? If so how long do they last? Im wondering if this is all due to stress and anxiety, since all of this can be caused by that. Im wondering if all my worring about hiv is causing this. Iam going to grt tested next week.Thanks for the help!
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ok sorry to bug you, didnt mean to do that. Im just confused, i really dont know if there are symptoms during seroconversion? I know im past the ars stage. Just wasnt sure about seroconversion. Would appreciate inpute, but if not its ok
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