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i have a query coz i have had an hiv exposure 10months ago and i have had morethan 15 hiv tests all negative and symptoms are persisting so iam now confused that which one to believe tests or symptoms coz iam losing hope i cant get married coz iam afraid to infect my girlfriend and how can i tell her my past i feel i need to stay alone coz i dont want to infect anyone pliz help
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your tests outweigh your symptoms. your tests PERFECTLY proves to  you that You DONT HAVE HIV. I recommend you reading this post ( http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Anxiety-Support/7-week-negative-test-but-experiencing-many-all-HIV-symptoms/show/1269866 )
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Do you have swollen lymph nodes?
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no i dont lymp nodes but my feet is mildlt tingling it started 4 days ago i also have floating eyes
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15 HIV negative tests??!!

You don't have HIV man.
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So, you can live freely and safely. I am in the same boat with you but i am more serious than you because i have a lot of freaking lymph nodes through out my body- neck, armpit and groin. Every symptom in me is gone but i still have these lymph nodes. I wonder I could believe my 6 month post expusre negative test result or I should believe the symptoms. But i am definitely sure that you have no contact with HIV at the mean time.
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Please trust your results. YOu both have no HIV. PERIOD. Symptoms you guys are experiecing are TOTALLY not HIV related. Trust your results.
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i understand what yu say guys but yu know the fear i have is too much i need to know if there is someone who was in the situation iam now and tested -ve then went on to have children and is still living pretty life again coz it seems that the pple with my situation keep on testing -ve but continue to suffer for the rest of their lives so that my worry sorry for bothering yu guys we need to find the cause of those weird symtoms to find a lasting soln
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I understand. I perfectly understand how you feel. It's not only you who feel like that. millions of them does too. But isn't not fair for your family and for yourself who's suffering from a burden who SUPPOSE not to be?

Listen, the more you convince your self that you have that is the more you will get much serious illnesses. Trust me, getting youself soak up with that anxiety doesn't give yourself, your health and to your family good.
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am in identical situation. 14 negative tests - last at 7+ months. Loads of symptoms inc swollen glands. At a loss what to do.
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work with your dr...its not hiv
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I'm in a similar situation. I had an unprotected relationship five months ago. I have had several symptoms, enlarged lymph nodes, night sweats, rash, muscle pain, infections in the mouth. However I have 11 negative test, the last one at five months. So, what to do? Try to belive the tests. I the only accurate way to know your status. I know it is difficult, but is the only way.
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95% of the time a persons symptoms are due to very high anxiety and worry. It is true that most people with ARS type symptoms DO NOT have HIV. and most people with NO symptoms DO. This tells you that your symptoms are most likely due to the anxiety you are having after a exposure. Your tests PROVE it is not HIV as you have been told

Hope this helps
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