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I have a question I heard if ur infected by hiv virus some people show symptoms w in tweeks. Or so lasting two weeks. What if u keep getting sick for a month in a half could this be a sign that u have hiv bc ur imune system is weeked n ableing u to contiue getting sick?
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The only way to establish whether you have hiv or not is by testing.Hiv is never diagnosed on the basis of symptoms alone.
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Ok thanx I know ur right, I'm waiting to be tested I'm on my window period now. I was just woundering if u usally get consistently sick Is this a sign of hiv, basically. I have very high anxiety about it.
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It variable.Everyones immune systems and immune response is different.Some people will be consistently ill,where as others won,t be ill at all.Some people will suffer symptoms and some people won,t.
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Oh ok, well maybe its just the never ending flu season for me who knows ill wait for my window period to be over then get tested, I'm the unprotected oral w cuts sores in mouth girl u responded to my previous messages, thanku!
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