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So about two weeks ago I had sex with a new partner, we used a condom but he ejaculated sooner than expected so he took that off and put on a new one. I don't think he washed his hands in the proccess I am a single mother and still breastfeeding so he might have drank some of my breastmilk. I had asked him if when he was last tested and he said it was in college and he has only been with the same girl since then until me. Me and my daughter e recently have gotten sick with a sore throat, coughing, head aches, ache body, runny nose and mild fever and just super sleepy. I have been paranoid that I could have caught something and transmitted it to my daughter in my breastmild. Do these sound like hiv symptoms at all? Could I have given it to my child? Im worried about getting tested and seeing a result.
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Not an HIV concern.
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