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i would say everyone 's ARS symptoms are different.

from what i heard by chat, they all experiences different degree of Fever, but some of them had sore throat, some had rash, some went to hosipital for intensive care.

even their symptoms occur on different period, the fast one like on day 8, and quite many said after 3 weeks.

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Exactly. Everyone is just so different. So far I have heard some got a very bad case of flu for 2 weeks, some need to stay in hospital for a week or 2, some have symptoms for over a month, some just caught a cold for few days. Sometimes the symptoms can go very non-specific too, while sometimes people don't even remember they got any ARS at all.
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yes, are u right,

that is why so many HIV+ people still unknow their status till being very sick at AIDS stage.

the symptoms are so complex, but it is good if you know it early, cos u can go to test as soon as possible, helps your partner stay away from HIV.
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by the way, i am going to collect my result today, i am not sure the result is already at office or not yet. last time, the nurse told me that if it is negative, the result will be in the computer on the same day , and if the sample is unsure, they will make a new test within few days.

i wish i can get it today, otherwise, seems poz.

please pray for me, i need your supoort, guys.

i will be back soon, about 2 hours maybe.

God Bless you.
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I agree and that's why Dr H and people like Teak, strata, Xhost, etc, etc say don't try and predict HIV infection through symptoms.

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Good luck and god bless to you bamboosalt.
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Good luck. God bless you.
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