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i would say everyone 's ARS symptoms are different.

from what i heard by chat, they all experiences different degree of Fever, but some of them had sore throat, some had rash, some went to hosipital for intensive care.

even their symptoms occur on different period, the fast one like on day 8, and quite many said after 3 weeks.

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Exactly. Everyone is just so different. So far I have heard some got a very bad case of flu for 2 weeks, some need to stay in hospital for a week or 2, some have symptoms for over a month, some just caught a cold for few days. Sometimes the symptoms can go very non-specific too, while sometimes people don't even remember they got any ARS at all.
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yes, are u right,

that is why so many HIV+ people still unknow their status till being very sick at AIDS stage.

the symptoms are so complex, but it is good if you know it early, cos u can go to test as soon as possible, helps your partner stay away from HIV.
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by the way, i am going to collect my result today, i am not sure the result is already at office or not yet. last time, the nurse told me that if it is negative, the result will be in the computer on the same day , and if the sample is unsure, they will make a new test within few days.

i wish i can get it today, otherwise, seems poz.

please pray for me, i need your supoort, guys.

i will be back soon, about 2 hours maybe.

God Bless you.
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I agree and that's why Dr H and people like Teak, strata, Xhost, etc, etc say don't try and predict HIV infection through symptoms.

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Good luck and god bless to you bamboosalt.
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Good luck. God bless you.
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I keep my fingers crossed for you.
God bless you!
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Another test is not what you need. What you need is a mental health professional. You've went on about your non risk issue way to long. You even went as far as getting a 4 week band and I'm sure if this forum was monitored you would have already been banned from here.
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i am back from redcross.

the staff told me the result only can be picked up by person and on each tuesday.

so, i did not recieve any feedback from them.

big fear again, what the hell on earth.

i got my degree diploma this afternoon, however, not happy at all cos i feel nothing with my future.
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i wonder of all those who come and use this forum BEFORE they have their test results, what % get back  +  results? I agree this forum is a wonderful place to vent and blow off some anxiety. I know I m getting my results tomorrow and I hope i ll be able to sleep tonight.
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the percentage is not important for HIV.
i guess anyone in high risk group such as Gay, Bi-sexual,Iv drug users, should notice their sex risk and symptoms, because i have read many post in another forum, all messages tell us HIV is still very common among us.

i think u know the fourm i am talking about. even many people were infected by unprotected anal, however, still a chance for a percentage people got it by giving oral. sometimes a single event made you being infected.

i think most of us have been educated well related to sex risk since it is required content in the developed nations.

i really hope i am Negative, and i can learn from my all risk behaviour, re-educate myself to be more careful because not every time is that kinda lucky.
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1.the reason everyones ars symptoms are different is because it is unrelated to hiv. either their neg,or never had a risk.
2.cant self diagnose hiv through symptoms, proven time and time again, symptoms are unreliable.
testing tells the story, if 6 wks then 3 mos test, then by conservative testing your neg. with a risk.
if no risk, then no need for testing. good luck.
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from all studies, ARS symptoms indeed happend, and about 90% people will experience it.
sounds ARS is reliable, but different people might very different feeling during the scikness, someone serious sick , someone mild.
if not, why experts published ARS symptoms on line and why studied them.
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ars does happen in 90 percent of infected with hiv, includes mainly fever and other symptoms, BUT individual symptoms are unreliable in diagnosing hiv, only hiv test will tell the story.
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The only time ARS can be confirmed, is when someone's HIV test is confirmed positive. Then and only then can you correlate the two. Other than that they are only symptoms of a million other things.
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i know symptoms are vary. but, dont we need to be careful when we have some weird flulike symptoms after sex with some one who are status unknown.

if the hosipital, if you have this symptoms and telling them u are gay,  i guess 99% doctors will suggest have a HIV test.

you said my risk is ZERO, but, other offical websites like CDC had already said all sex fluid exchange should be considered as risk, excpet intact skin. dickhead is a special part which always tend to have some cuts also foreskin, dont u think ?

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bamboo, you had or gave a handjob and some rimming. You were never at risk. If you had any symptoms why didn't you see a doctor instead of making every excuse in the world that it can only be related to HIV? You didn't have a risk. Do we need to go back through all your posts? You don't get infected by handjobs or rimming. Period.. You are not even trust worthy in what you type. You just lied in another forum about what Dr. H had said to you. Which he had not said at all. He said, you were never at risk. If you want the infection so bad, go have a real risk. You won't be able to change your mind after you are truly infected.
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Serocconversion occurs within 4-6 weeks and ARS typically has onset a 7-14 days after exposure. In other words, most people seroconvert with a time course similar to that of ARS. Therefore, the answer is yes: 2 weeks after onset of ARS, almost everybody will have a positive antibody test--that is, they will have seroconverted.

this was a message from Dr.HHH for another person.

i guess your ARS timing is quite different than his, you said takes weeks, no early than 2 weeks?

i did not lie in anthor forum, the time i copy paste the info from Dr.HHH to your forum, i did not get the second reply from Dr.HHH. after some mins, i got all feedback.

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0% get positive results. Why? Because they were at negligible risk to begin with. The people who tend to frequent these forums are not people at any realistic risk. They're wracked with guilt, whether over sexual orientation, going outside an otherwise monogamous relationship, having an "inappropriate" partner, whatever. Or they're depressed, have OCD, isolated, feeling anxious about other issues and/or changes in their lives, etc. HIV isn't the problem. Their feelings are the real issue.

As for symptoms, many, many other things besides ARS can cause the exact same symptoms, and with much greater frequency. Think of it this way: say you have a headache. That's one symptom... but it could have been caused by a migraine, tension, a brain tumor, a stroke, or something you'd only see on House... Would you automatically go, "Oh my god, I'm 18 and perfectly healthy, so obviously I must have (insert incredibly obscure disease here)!!!"? I think not. Does that make sense?
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please read this http://www.bmc.org/HIV-AIDS/HIV-PcktBk_WEB.pdf
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I said two to four weeks. Which you didn't have a risk so it's a nill point. Again, you can not say that anyone that has symptoms are having ARS, without a positive HIV test result. ARS is after the fact. That is the reason HIV can not be diagnosed by symptoms.  
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i have read your previous post to someone who reported his ARS occur on day 7-8?

you told her/him ARS that ARS wont be that early. at least 2 weeks.
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i have a question for you .

since you said HIV virus will die quickly after out of body, like you metioned hanjobs contacted POZ semen no risk no matter cuts ot wounds. however, why there are many cases have been reported which are healthcare workers infected by blood sample? they got infected sometimes when they perform a test without gloves, the blood get into their cuts ot wounds. sometimes the nurses look afrter the aids patients with gloves. if all body fluid became weak out of body, why the health care workers are so careful.
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Hi bamboosalt. I think you'll find most health workers who catch HIV through a health setting normally do so through needle stick injuries. The presence of blood in needles stops the blood from drying, therefore extending the lifespan of the virus out of the human body.

The reason why they are so careful is because there are other blood borne diseases that are much easier to catch than HIV. Hep B is an example.
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