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I do not know if i have HIV but im going to the doctor tommorrow i have small 1 second head pains i have an irritated throat it aint sore it just bugs me and i have a runny nose i also have a rapid heart rate and sometimes i feel pain near it im scared to know the truth but if i can do something about it and probable get rid of it (hopefully) ill do it
its only been a week since i had this the irritated throat just came 2 days ago
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What was your exposure?
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oral sex thats it
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You didn't have a risk.
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so am i ok?
im just gonna take a test tommorrow just in case
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Yes you are okay.
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last night i took some flu pills and when i went to bed i felt this sensation go threw me in my stomach and chest area
i still have all the other symptoms so am i still ok or should i get checked?
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Our answers are not going to change no matter what types of spins you want to put on it. You were never at risk.
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the past few days I have had huge tonsils and large lymphnodes im also achy in places. my vagina itches sometimes. I have been onm anti-biotics for 2 and a half days now but can't sleep cause I am worried I might have something worse. My doctor said not to worry and that I may be making myself sick. She did a blood test I have a bacteria but said the rest of the blood test came out normal...im freaking out. help!!!
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