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if someone is past the 3month window and has all the symptoms because they are hiv+, wouldnt they def. test positive thereafter because of there bodies reaction to the virus (barring chemo/cancer etc.)?
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Yes they would test positive on an antibody test.
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i know man, u always think ur the 1 in a million.  my logic is this: if i made it through the 3month window with a neg test result yet still have a garden variety of abnormalities then it must not be HIV cause my bodying is telling me something but my tests (3-6mths) are opposite.....comments....
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Correct. It isn't HIV.
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thx teak n chris... this whole test says one thing body shows another has kicked the sh$#@t out of me u guys.   ive had so many tests some docs just cop to a long window period and others are sayin hey we ruled alot of junk out so it must be CFS....ya dig
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chronic fatigue syndrome
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Ok, thanks.
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