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tattoo ink hiv risk

Hello, I'm not happy to write here again, but I need your expert advice. After cleaning my tattoo station after  tattooing , I was careless and some of  tattoo ink  spilled on my hand and even splash  on my mouth, I would not be very worried about this situation, but I have psoriasis on my hands and various wound that are slowly heal . what is the risk of infection if  infected blood  was into  ink ? thank you for your advice and explanation.
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1) it is needles that are risk because it penetrates the skin
2) it is unlikely hiv virus survive in ink
3) it will not enter the skin
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So its not a risk. Or  can i get a test?
no one said you cannot get a test, you can always get one, but in this case it will be a waste of time.
i had one test  11  weeks  after   had needlestick incident with negative result ( later i found the client  is also hiv negative) but  couple months  after  that  i  started notice some  warning health  problems ( acne,weight loss,stomach pain, diarrhea worsten psoriasis , yeast infection on tongue  and on skin ( little liver spots )   all these symptoms have started  after i got new tattoo   and i am sure i  had no other risk at this time ( no unprotected sex/ no needlestick incidents )  so can this symtoms be related to new hiv infection  or it could  be something else? (   a lot of eating junk food diet,  vaping, stress?   i would like  to know   what you think about that  and ask you about advice , because i am not in good mental shape.
Anyone can get psoriasis and all those other things, so it is a mistake to think you can rule all other causes out and pinpoint the one disease you have Googled - hiV. You had no risk, so that is the first step you should have taken and eliminated HIV disease in your theory. You don't have a new HIV infection and you don't have an old one. You even stated you had psoriasis for years in your other thread, so this new HIv fear is really grasping at straws.
You evaded the question on your other thread when I asked you to identify which of the only 3 risks for HIV you had, so your fear is based on your own theory which is just made up science fiction. Since you don't have any medical training, it is unrealistic for you to have so much confidence in that science fiction and unrealistic to think that it can become real.
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If the client was negative, why would you worry about HIV?
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