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tattoos and hiv

how long does hiv live on a tattoo needle and when they say hepatits is more a worry do they mean if the needle is not new? cuz if the needles ect are new is there stil a chance of catching hep?
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Your question was answered in your orginal post.
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yes but teak you never answered how long it survives on a needle ect and its the first time i ask about hep
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This forum is HIV specific you need to ask you hep questions in the proper forum.
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ok but can you still answer the surving on needles for hiv
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It doesn't.
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so say if someone who is hiv positive just got a tattoo and then 1 minute later someone else gets a tattoo with the the same needle it is no risk?
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Not an HIV risk and it wouldn't happen to begin with.
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ok thx....how do you know all this stuff?
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Ahhh, this explains all the questions about thrush you posted in the anxiety forum.

You need to put this out of your mind.  No one has ever been infected with HIV via tattooing.  It's not a risk.  And Teak knows what he knows being an HIV educator after liviing with HIV for decades.

Based on how many questions you've posted about this, I would say your anxiety is out of control, and would advise you to seek professional help in dealing with that.

Put the thrush concern out of your head too, that is obviously another irrational concern you have based on the HIV fear.  Thrush is not HIV specific anyway.
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