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tb and hiv negative

i am terrified i have been married 8 yrs and i have had 3 kids with my husband and 3 negative elisa and 1 for
eia 1 and 2 , my husband also has tested negative all our tests were out of the window pd. and before we got
married i had shamefully many unprotected partners so thats why i am so scared and this july of 08 he came
down with tb and all the chest xray sputnum and afbs were negative and the tb skin test was to so after 1 month they finally found out what he had i was lost from this i knew that 'tb and hiv are hand in hand' and what made it even worse
is they checked him for hep abc all were negative and they only problem he had was elevated liver enzymes
so he is doing better with treatment since now we live in egypt he was not tested for hiv i am american and he is egyptian so for the ins in 2001 he did hiv testing and tb and they were negative so what my question is is there any way all our tests are wrong you see i found out 1 month  i am pregnant  i am so suicidal and lost he has had sex with peopleout of the usa but i think it was in argentina please i am begging if anyone knows if the elisa will pick up all of subtype M or do i have to tell myself i ave unknowingly murderd my whole family please help

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TB is TB. HIV is HIV. If you both have tested negative after 3 months from your last unprotected sex then you don't have HIV. Yes the ELISA will pick of Group M.
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thank you for yor answer do you know if it will pick up all of the subtypes like a-k please thank you
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Just because you have HIV does not mean you have TB. But here is the catch, around 30% of the worlds population carry TB, 10% of that population will eventually contract active TB wich can be deadly if not treated ASAP. Even those on treatment could possibly die due to the disease progress, or the medications used to treat TB.

Now, those that have been exposed to TB but have not gotten sick from TB have what is called "Latent TB" again, 30% of the world popultaion is in this situation. If you have latent TB, this means TB is in your body, but your body has been able to surpress it, but it is still in you... alive and well.

If a person with Latent TB was to contract HIV, then this person could no longer supress the TB & then TB blossoms, turns active, the person gets sick and usually dies.

Why folks believe TB and HIV go hand in hand is because most people never become ill form TB, but when they contract HIV, they certainly can.

If you want to know your TB status, take the Quanti Feron Gold test & this is a definitive test. If you test positive, it means you have TB in your body, it does not mean you are or will become sick from TB.

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