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teak and everybody help me please!!!!

Hey teak and everybody
I know this might sound odd but im still anxious!
Today i was with my friends hanging out and one stupid friend wanted to be funny and made a verry bad  joke with me.
I was sitting on a chair and my boxers where showing, he took his juise bottel (bottle with the niple) and  pushed it really hard and rough in my *** *(with my boxers still on) scratched my crack alittle bit while i was sitting, but it didnt come that deep like in my anus i know saliva isnt a risk but my worries are:
what if the nipple was open and some juise came through the boxers into my anus could the juise has hiv still active because the bottle was the whole time closed?? plus i was bleeding yesterday and today everytime on the toilet.
and what if there was some blood from his mouth on the nipple???
I hit him really hard and i had like a mini cut in my finger while hitting him.
Is there a risk if my wound or cut touched his cut on his arm of hiv?
Thank you sooo much for your help!!!!!!
You all are so wonderfull!!
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Does your friend have HIV?
Nothing you said puts you at risk for HIV. I think you might need to see a professional for your HIV phobia.
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i know but am anxious because he told me he had  unprotected sex with 3 girls in the last months thats why am a bit scared and what about my cut touching his cut?
thanks for your quick response
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I will repeat myself...nothing you said puts you at risk for HIV.
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