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test HIV 8 week

My boys from Indonesia, before I say accepted the love, I have sex without a condom in the month 8, 2014, the base of my penis hose week itchy and irritating to the skin, but it hurts me less ignored and repeat the action on 20 December 2014 with a woman another, how the hose, small meat pile arise in areas that itch (like I said earlier that in the base of the penis where the growth of hair) from where I was afraid with HIV, on 11 February 2015 I did a test in a private clinic negative result, he used the assay which is shaped card, but I still doubt, and the next day on 12 february 2015 I test again (exactly 54 days after exposure) in a private hospital outcome NON reaktive, but I do not know what kind of tests he used, I ask he said antibody tests, and since from day 54 that I consume herbs, and the effect makes me limp, and the body feels hot, I asked he said that the process of healing herbs, and that night I was sweating during sleep because the body feels hot and possibly in karnakan panic before going to bed, it's how many days my body like a mild fever but other symptoms such as cough and flu was not there, I would ask that the HPV warts 1. indicates that we have HIV, 2. whether the tests that I did on day 53 and 54 is quite accurate, or needs to repeat in 90 days as many articles article on the internet, 3. how the average adult men are generally formed antibodies can be detected by means of anti-body test after contracting, 4. In the Internet many articles say anti-body can not be detected before 12 weeks, while I test at 8 weeks or less 2 days, 5. whether wart that I can it come from my first female relationship or the last, because I read your explanation, warts appear after 6 months or even longer again.I hope you can understand my language, perhaps in the English language I was very rough, because Basically I do not understand good English language accepted the love
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If you tested at 8 weeks with a 3rd gen test antibody and the results are negative. You do not have HIV
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I do not know what type of assay methods are in use lab, I just come in and say I want an HIV test, after that my blood is taken disposable syringes, and I waited about 30 minutes ... if only using rapit anti-body test, whether can accurately say that in days to 54
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3rd gen anti-body test using a tool such as what, honestly now aq very confused
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the procedure for the any generation test is the same. you may ask them if you want. but most likely you were given a 3rd gen test which should give you a conclusive result even at 8 weeks.
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thanks for the advice ... I am hurt that day I did not ask what kind of test, and I am afraid that just using the assay rapit, but whether rapit assay can detect antibodies in 8 weeks ... thanks
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if only used in the test rapit 54, can be said to be accurate apaka
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using rapid tests in the 54 if it can be said is accurate, I have 2 times the HIV test, the first in 53 days using rapid tests, invitation how blood is taken via syringe, and to 2 on day 54, the same as taking blood samples using syringe, but I do not know the lab using test equipment such as what, but most likely only using rapid tests, because the results came out about 30 minutes, I want to ask, whether the use of rapid tests in the 54 with the results NON reaktive can say accurately , and do not need to wait until 12 weeks, thanks
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