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testing after 2 months

ON november 14, 2003. I performed oral sex to a man, and dispite my reluctance, I continued, but stopped before he ejaculated. A little more then a day later I became very ill with horribale back pain and vomiting. I went to the doctor and was given an ex-ray for stones, but he found nothing. Also, I did not mention anything reguarding what had happened a few day's earlier. I was scared for many months, but after 2.5 months I went and got tested and the test came back negative.  Now many years later, I am still scared and am just wondering how accurate that test was and if I should be as worried as I am. From literature I had read many years ago, I found that after one month of possiable exposure the HIV test is 90% accurate, so how accurate would it be after 2.5 months. How worried should I be.
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U sud not worry...and  ifu still are...get tested...u will be negative...then enjoy ur life peacefully....
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Oral sex is a very little to no risk activity to start with (with regards to hiv). so if that was your only questionable exposure, you shouldn't worry about it cause you certainly didn't get hiv from that exposure. good luck and god bless!
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