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thrush 9 months past risk of kissing and protected oral

hi everybody,
My mind is locked for any info from Hiv that i search from net, now 9 month past from my risk and i have stress about Hiv even with one negative result after 7 month

my story :

i had sex by a csw
   1- french kiss
   2- she suck me for one or two minutes
   3- she put condom in my penis
after 2 days i had concern about hiv and search net for symptom
i found more info about ARS like : fever, fatigue,sore throat and . . .
when i read this on net i have high stress for hiv and i think i have certainly hiv from that CSW
so every day i checked my body for fever,sore throat and . ..
after days i got slight sore throat, without fever
but after days i got slight fever
in this days i search net yet
in some site writes thrush is one of hiv symptom so every day i check my mouth
and after day i found that in two side of my mouth there was two white lines that ended by two white area
this white area was not painful and place of that area was similar in two side
my stress go high and high
after many weeks i have some symptoms, like loss weight , sore thorat , ....
in this days i think oral sex is high risk
after month i found that oral not a risk or some say is extreme low risk
after this i have doubt in my condom that maybe it was not latex and csw maybe use nonlatex condom
or maybe condom have breakd and i didnt notice
my stress back again
and after 7 month i decide to get test
i got  4generation test and came Negative
p24 and antibody was negative
but now when 9 month past from my sex i have concern about hiv yetttt
i think thoses symptom was from ARS especialy white area (maybe was thrush)
and maybe my test cant work correctly
plzz guide meee
i'm in levet that cant decide to get marry
plz help me
i read in this site and other that thrush can in ARS
help a exterem worry man
maybe some people in this site dont answer me becos they belive that i was not at any risk
but my mind cant accept these becos that Symptoms
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Did you found anything that helped you ?
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if you are having health concerns...work with your doctor.  IT'S NOT HIV RELATED.
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ok, but when i think about my symptoms at those day my stress back again
i have just some quastion

1- is 4th generation tests a standard test ??
2-  i need  retest by just antibody test like 3th generation or Negative 4th generation is   enough ?
3- my symptom is like ARS

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i stopped reading your post after you said you tested at 7 months.  you are conclusively negative ! ! ! !

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