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tonsil abscess and HIV?

One of the doctors please answer this question if at all possible.  Thank you!

A few weeks ago I had a one time unprotected encounter with a female of unknown HIV status.  About two weeks later my lymph nodes swelled, had a fever, the works.  One of my tonsils also swelled up pretty bad.
I was worried it was ARS.  

Since then, the symptoms have pretty much subsided - other than the tonsil.  I am now being treated by an ENT for a peritonsillar abscess.  

I thought my HIV were over.  

Today I read this link online...

Notice one small line in there:  "Finally, there are unpublished claims that bilateral peritonsillar abscess might be associated with the presence of human immunodeficiency virus human immunodeficiency virus."


Here we go again.  

Has anyone ever heard anything about this regarding HIV and peritonsillar abscesses?  Is it legitimate?  

When my symptoms first appeared, I had a negative strep test - one of the main causes of a peritonsillar abscess.  So now I'm worried all over again that HIV is the case of all this.
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You'll need to post in the doctor's forum for them to respond. HIV Prevention Related Expert Forums.
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