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tooth decay

I got drunk with my friends and they got a girl for all of us... that is the first time I engaged with paid sex.
Now I am worried as I am thinking if I give the girl an oral sex, actually just kiss and lick her vagina while on the foreplay, not sure if shes HIV positive at all... if she carries the HIV is there a chance for me to get infected if I had a toothdecay?  if the tooth has a decay, can the virus get into my system? suggesting that I do not have a bleeding gums or the gums are not wounded or broken and bleeding... just a tooth decay.. did I get infected also... I have done it last Saturday evening,  July 12, 2008, I do not clearly remember if I give her the oral sex longer... because the morning I have a headache and feeling not ok like I would be having a fever and cannot eat well, and so my stomach is little troubled also... should I think it is but a Hang Over? what is the rate of risk in getting the infection on Oral sex (esp. if have a troubled teeth coz of tooth decay)... HOpe you could give me an answer and advice... What are the symptoms and how long before it will show..
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I had a 30 sec oral from a hiv+ women when she told me that she had her widsom removed a day before i stopped the oral sex, what are my risks of getting HIV????
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Don't worry.
1. Oral sex risk is tiny; 1 in 10,000 theoreticaly, but actually has never been proven to have occurred. plus, going down on a woman is even less risky.
2. The CSW probably didn't have HIV.
3. You can't get HIV symptoms that quickly, and a headache isn't even a symptom.
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No there is no risk with tooth decay.
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