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ulcers or infection

i just want to know if stress can cause ulcers. for how long is one supposed to be stressed to have ulcers. for the last 3 months i have been so stresed up(due to hiv exposure) to the point of taking antiacids-relcer gel and actals. i have been having this wierd feeling in the stomach, like burning which come out to the throatCancer - throat or larynx
Throat swab culture all the way to the mouth leaving me with soar taste/bitter taste in the mouth. doctor today prescribed for me OmeprazoleOmeprazole
Omeprazole-sodium bicarbonate for one week +relcer gel. this feeling last for hours and is penetrating through the backbone and shoulders shoulders intensive treatment
Shoulder arthroscopy
Shoulder pain and they pain. for the last 3 days it has been consistent if i dont swallow actals. someone tell me could this be acid refluxGastroesophageal reflux disease
Gastroesophageal reflux in infants
Hiatal hernia repair
Reflux nephropathy
Vesicoureteral reflux or is it the effect of hiv infection. am negative so far though am on week 11 post PEP. is there any relationship? this is killing me. again am i supposed to take the drugs for one week or two? i will be grateful to have more light on this.
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Wrong copy must b internet corruption. i mean wat of stress and ulcers which im getting?10wks postpep -ve.
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gastroesophageal reflux in infants????

hiatal hernia repair????

WHAT are you even talking about????????????????????????????
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Wrong forum.
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