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unprotected anal vaginal sex and need help

I've had unprotected vaginal and anal sex with HIV+ve csw at the end of April around April 28th and also had several specific ARS symptoms which I don't want to get in to details about as everyone feels that those are not ARS symptoms.

11 days - 4th gen duo -ve
40 days - 4th gen duo -ve, RNA TMA -ve
53 days - Home Access only antigen (2nd gen) -ve

If you HAVE prior knowledge on this from prior experience, please help. and if you can provide much details it would be great.

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Also, I had all ARS symptoms exactly started after 2 weeks and gone by 4th week....FEVER, NIGHT SWEATS, FATIGUE, LEG MUSCLE PAIN, BRAIN FOG, MALAISE, COLD SORES, RASH ON FACE AND BODY, ETC...
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Firstly you did put yourself at risk by having sex with a HIV +ve CSW.
Virginal sex is a risky activity. Its a good thing you got tested.
If you were infected your body would had produced enough antibodies to be detected by 28 days.
You 53 day test is very convincing but not conclusive. You need to get tested after 84 days that would be considered conclusive.

So yes, dont take stress. Get tested to other STD's aswell after 84 days. Take care and stay safe. Next time use latex condom.
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I have read numerous sites ans forums specially "I just tested Positive" areas and "living with hiv" areas and finding out they many, many people diagnosed in between 3 to 6 month only.

Based on whey they actually post on the site, how can we conclusively say if person is -ve then they are negative ?
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U need to check when they were tested..by which tests and did they had consecutive exposures..
I understand but some said they can't figure it out their 6 month test returned positive when they did not had any exposure after 3 month -ve test....

I'm so worried as i'm still getting -ve results but my body says the different.
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