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unprotected oral sex with sex workers and swollow breast milk

I had unprotected oral sex 5 years ago with 2-3 sex workers and also swallow the breast milk from one of them,untill now i had no any symptoms but last month i had fever not very high and cold for almost one month, last 3- 4 days i have dizziness but there is no sore throat or enlargement of any glands except single side neck gland is swellow ,i am very much worried and i have a great depression as a result i am disturbed and cannot do properly day to day activities,please help me,should i do a test ??? any recommendation??please help me to get away with anxiety
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You had no risk from orals sex nor did you have risk from breast milk.
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thank you for your kind response. but i have two bumps on my face since 2010 ,they are black in colour also two in my arm , no pain or they dont grow ,i tried with many creams but none of them help me , i m very much worried about them.
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Then see a Dr, has nothing to do with HIV.
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Thank you very much for your response, i also want to know if i had protected vaginal sex with many different sex workers 5 years ago, i am still worry about this , this is all because i had cold like symptoms over a month and dizzines for last 4-5 days, is there any chance for hiv? i really appreciate your response.
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protected sex is no risk either.

hiv testing is a responsible thing to do though every once in a while even without risk factors - it stops all this pointless anxiety for one thing.
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thank you for your kind response
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get a test best way to know
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