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unprotected vaginal Sex HIV HELP

Hi All

on 30. December a misstake is happen, i got unprotected Vaginal Sex with ah Girl who use Drugs she tell me she use now Methadon, before she use Cocaine + Heroine, i was so trunken and i got unprotected Vaginal Sex for maybe 5 minutes not longer. Later she tells me she works as a Prostitute on the Streets , i ask about HIV she tells me no she didnt have hiv, shes  got  child etc....but who knows what is true and false?Maybe she lies

now today 36 days ago i make a HIV Rapid Test it comes Negativ back, how big are the chance that the Test comes postiv back on 8 Weeks , 13 Weeks?

I never got Symtoms like fever, etc but a a little red small points on the body ;-(((( for a few days ? what was this ?hiv acute????

im so happy to find this forum;-(
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Your test result is reassuring, but not conclusive. It will be conclusive at 3 month. Symptoms do not matter - your small dots may have appeared for many reasons unrelated to HIV.
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Hi There

ok thanks, thats means my change of a HIV+ Test is now 50% for the next Test at 8 Weeks?

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You do not have HIV.it is HIV phobia.you will be ok.
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as stated...test at 3 months for a conclusive result.
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Hi thanks

but im not a HIV Phobia Freak, it was a HIGH RISK unprotected Vaginal act.She tells me later she works on the Street as Streetworker.

The Problem is i found a white point on my left Tonsille now its there for 1 week and didnt go away and 1 week before i got 5-6 red points on my Body .

No fever , no fatique etc

Yesterday i freaked really out i hope the test gives me a litte chance
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