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unprotected vaginal sex and swollen glands

Hello, Im a 22 yr old male that had unprotected sex with a female that is 21. We dated for a bout 2 months before having sex. She said shes negative but 3 weeks, but after the  last time we had sex( we had unprotected sex 3 times). I woke up with  sore throat.  I didnt think anything about and thought it was a cold. Then 3 days later I felt an aching feeling under my neck so I felt my neck and it was 2 swollen glands. The next day I woke up to 3 more in my neck. I felt I something pulsating under my arms that comes and goes (not painful , just annoying) and I felt nothing under them. The next day I found the early in HIV, swollen lymph glands are common with sore throat and I checked around under my arms and groin and felt nothing even though I felt a little pain that came went, but it didn't hurt to touch it. I checked the next day and felt 3  pea size glands in armpit and 2 in another. i felt the groin and felt some pea size gland, but was not sure. IF IT WAS DUE TO EARLY HIV, SHOULD I HAVE FELT THE LYMPH GLANDS THE SAME DAY AS THE SORE THOAT? DO  ALL THE GLANDS  SWELL AT THE SAME TIME ?  IS PULSING FELT AT THE SPOT WHERE THE GLAND WILL SWELL? i am going to the doctor to get tested tomorrow. it has been a month since the last time we had sex. Please help, anybody.
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Get Tested, and get your conclusive result after 3 months(exactly after the encounter)
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You can never really rely on anyone elses results.
you don't know when the last time she tested was or if she did test ever.
But i would say you two should both get tested at 4-6 weeks.
Then again at like 3months. If the relationship you two are in doesn't go that far. next time you get into a relationship test before you decide to have unprotected sex! I mean the both of you!
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