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unprotected vaginal sex

this happened 2 hours ago..
i tried to escape.
he used physical force.
it was very painful/rough.
afterward, he said he has
several partners and he
doesn't use a condoms.
he said he doesn't have
any stds and i am sure
he is heterosexual but..
he is in a rock band and
i'm reading bbs about him
now and a girl said he has
hiv.. probably a lie but..

he is 21 japanese, not a
drug user.. in tokyo

please help i'm so scared
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I am so sorry to hear that, You should contact the police if you feel you were forced. You will need to get tested at 6 weeks for peace of mind and again at 3 months post exposure to get a conclusive result.

If you find out he is indeed HIV+ you may want to ask your doctor about taking PEP, it would need to be taken as soon as possible and within 72 hours of exposure. This will greatly reduce your risk of contracting HIV if he is KNOWN to be HIV+

You may want to contact him and ask him to test asap.

Hope this helps!
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Hi Shiori, I live in Japan and i can understand how difficult it is to report rape in Japan. I know the cultural side of the country as I have lived here for a long time.
1. You must see a doctor ASAP. Hiv prevalance in Japan is low, but that does not mean that it does not exist, and it is one of the few industrialized countries with growing rates.
So to be on the safe side, to to a big hospital in Shinjuku or somewhere and request for PEP.  
2. Report it to the police. The more you delay this, the more complex it gets, so you have to do this right away. Its very important.  You need support.

Here are some numbers you can call.  Remember that PEP must be taken before 72 hrs, so get help right away.  Wishing you luck.  Take good care of yourself. Shimpai Shinaide, yukkuri kangai te, chanto jibun no koto oh daiji ni shinasai!

    * AIDS Medical Service
      Available every weekday from 9:00 - 12:00 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Infectious Diseases Section. English-speaking doctors available. An appointment is required.
      Tel: 03-3823-2101

    * Japan HIV Centre
      (English Sat. 12-5pm)
      Tel: 03-5259-0256

    * JFAP AIDS Support Line
      Tel: 0120-177-812
      (from a mobile: 03-3592-1181)

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thank you so much for your advice.
i wasn't aware of PEP.
i am wondering if it i am
not infected and i take it..
are there side effects/risks?
it sounds like a heavy medicine.

i don't know how to confirm if
he has it or not because when
i asked him he said no and that
he got tested last week but i don't
think he was being truthful.

he did not ejaculate inside of me
but he went very deep and reached
cervix i think.. very painful..

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The doctor may say its ok and not to worry etc, but its your life and you're the customer at the hospital, so if you feel you need it, you can insist to get help. Try see a Internal Medicine Doctor at the International Section.  IThe Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hosptital mentioned above may be a good start. Tel: 03-3823-2101
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Best is to go to the hospital and discuss with a good doctor.
Try not to waste time and consult a doctor as they can best guide you.
Its 10am, you can still make it for a morning apt. if you go now.
Doc. can guide you more on PEP, and if you actually need it.
     Available every weekday from 9:00 - 12:00 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Infectious Diseases Section. English-speaking doctors available. An appointment is required.
      Tel: 03-3823-2101
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thank you very much,
i appreciate your kindness.

i will go today. i feel so scared.
my body is trembling.

is PEP a one time dose?
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No, PEP is a course of about 4 weeks or so.  Your doctor should know best. Call the hosp. explain the situation and make an urgent appointment.
But I cannot determine if you need it, only your doctor can. But considering you were raped, there may be a reason to ask for it.
Let your doctor decide and access your risk.
But all i can say is try not to worry. You are doing the right thing by
getting help and support. Go in to the hospital and report what happened and follow their advise.  You can request PEP since you are still within 72 hrs but only your doctor can determine / decide what to do as he would have to access your case and then write a prescription as necessary.
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Glad to be of help. I too am going through the jitters and i know how you may feel. But get help and follow the procedures and you will get some support and help. Good luck and stay strong.
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I hope that you were able to get the appropriate help Shiori.  Its good that you went and got help / support. Gambatte.
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i was told by one hospital that they the infection will show up 60 days past exposure and it will not show up if i test before that.  i said it's urgent and i want to find out immediately because i want to take PEP. they said your risk is 0.3% ? and that PEP costs ¥200000 and is not covered by insurance.  
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advice the girl to get PEP as soon as possible. this is no joking matter.
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i want to get tested and i've been searching for clinics and hospitals. most of the clinics said their test is the 60day after test. i'm having trouble finding one that is for 40hrs after.
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Hi shiori,

So sorry to hear about your situation.

Look, if you are looking for PEP, they will simply perform a rapid test on you immediately to verify your baseline negative result, and then administer the drugs on you, if they deem it necessary.

If you are not going for the PEP regime, then your test will be conclusive at 3 months, a test now will not be useful.

Wish you all the best.

May God bless

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thank you for the clarification

i called many places..

i will go tomorrow

all i can do is pray
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Yes, the hospitals recommend to check at 8 weeks or 60 days. Basically 2 months.  I heard this from a doctor that worked at one of the largest hiv testing facilities in Japan and now is a good internal medicine doctor at a large hospital.  Since most tests in Japan are a DUO or 4th generation test, you can do a preliminary test at 30 days or 6 weeks, and then verify the test at 3 months / 90 days or so. Of couse you can also check at 2 months, as the doctors advise is based on solid experience.  
Regarding PEP, if insurance does not cover it, you should ask them if you can pay in installments. But, remember, PEP must be taken before 72 hours, so you need to decide. The Docs may says its a very low chance, but if you feel you must take it, then do so.  Its best to not take a chance. Wishing you the best of luck.  Pls. get help today.
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At this point, you have no options for a test. Only PEP to prevent exposure.  
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Most HIV tests are antibody tests that measure the antibodies your body makes against HIV. It can take some time for the immune system to produce enough antibodies for the antibody test to detect, and this time period can vary from person to person. This time period is commonly referred to as the “window period.” Most people will develop detectable antibodies within 2 to 8 weeks (the average is 25 days). Even so, there is a chance that some individuals will take longer to develop detectable antibodies. Therefore, if the initial negative HIV test was conducted within the first 3 months after possible exposure, repeat testing should be considered >3 months after the exposure occurred to account for the possibility of a false-negative result.
If you aren't exposed, then the test will show in 60 days, and 90 days for confirmation.
PEP will only give you a chance of not getting infected if in fact you were exposed.
Follow your doctors advise and guidelines. if you can  afford PEP, then you should take it, if you doctor advises / if you think you want to be absolutely 100% sure. Stay well and good luck.
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FYI, by tomorrow 8/22, it will be too late for PEP. It must be administered before 72 hrs. So you ought to have gone to the hosp. or emergency of a big hosp. today itself, if you plan on taking it.
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Shiori, daijobu? だいじょぶですか?ぢゃんと、Test を うけられましたか?
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