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unprotected vaginal sex

On August 17 in the morning it was or the last time I had sex with my boyfriend (without protection), September 13 (27 days with 3 hours on the 28th) I took a test for HIV AG - AC (4th generation) giving 0.15 , not reactive. From 17 until today I have not had anything with him. The doubts come to me because he told me in a fight that he was unfaithful and more behaviors that I did not like and I returned to my country. I am afraid I have caught something. On September 16 (to the 31st) I took another test that read like this: HIV ac-ag (3rd / 4th generation) eclia 0.21 non-reactive. Are both tests 4th generation? are they the same as duo or combi tests? are they conclusive? What is the window of the tests that I did? should I repeat the day 42? the result can change? I am very afraid. Help :(
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You should call the clinic to find what gen test was given the second time , and should have done this in advance, considering you already know the window period for this test. However that second test was somewhat silly since you should know from the below link that your first test was conclusive.  https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Hiv-test-after-33-days/show/3062698

Also, this isn't the first time that you have asked if you have to keep testing after you got a conclusive result which makes no sense.  
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Please rate only what I am counting now. Not the previous text.
"your first test was conclusive." I meant the first test you did ("September 13 (27 days with 3 hours on the 28th) I took a test for HIV AG - AC (4th generation")) for this new encounter.

You were already told in hte link before that 4 weeks is conclusive! Yet you asked again?
And the HIV ac - ag test (3rd / 4th generation) eclia with result 0.21 non-reactive on day 31 is conclusive? is it duo? is it combi? is it 4th generation?
In the results sheet, HIV ac -ag (3rd / 4th generation) was written as follows 0.21 eclia
Just in case you don't understand the meaning of conclusive I'm listing it.>  (of evidence or argument) serving to prove a case; decisive
You were already told in the link before that 4 weeks is conclusive. So you should move on, because there is no purpose in continuing to wonder about the last test.
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