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vaginal fluids girth

hi, i need a advice on act of protected intercourse with a CSW, it was protected but later after reaching home i found some of the vaginal fluid present on the left side of the girth of my slightly bent penis towards left! i dont have long penis just about 4 inches! considering her hiv+ should i be worried that the vaginal fluids could hav seeped to the tip of my flaccid penis?
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Even if she did have HIV which it is highly unlikely. You used a condom. You protected yourself. It is impossible for vaginal fluids to be on your penis unless the condom broke or slipped off. Transmission occurs inside the body during unprotected intercourse. And the virus dies once exposed to air. You really have nothing to worry about.
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Did she tell you she is HIV positive or are you just assuming that? Sex workers who use condoms do so for a reason. To protect themselves. You had zero risk. You used a condom and had protected sex.
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im just assuming, considering that the brothel was too low class, it was drunken night wid some raw sex thankfully i remember that she put on condom on me and me took it off afterwards. The thing that is not letting me sleep is that might be her fluids from the left side of the girth may have seeped to the tip my penis!
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thankyou B23121 you cleared my doubts to more than just to clarify ! i should leave behind all the anxiety and adhere to your words and move on in my life!! right?
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I am just repeating what experts have said. Yes you should move on
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