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washing hiv with soap and water

Hi all,i want to ask about hiv,recently i read this old research article
in that research says,soap and water can kill hiv about 2-6 minutes,not intanstly and immediatly,so my understanding,if i done fingering with hiv positive,and got fresh vaginal fluid or blood in my finger,after that i instantly washing my hand with soap and water for 5-10 seconds,im not safe yet,because in thats article say 2 minutes is the fastest fot hiv to decreased,so what the point wash my hand,if soap cannot instanly kill The virus,or soap and water just washing away the virus?thanks before
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HIV is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva so there is no risk from fingering even if both of you were bleeding. Only sex risks for HIV are unprotected penetrating vaginal or anal so there is no purpose trying to "wash HIV risk away" - HIV risk doesn't exist outside the vagina or anus.

Sorry, I didn't read your article as it is not necessary for HIV prevention.
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Thanks,yes,i read hiv cant infect outside host,but i read rare documented case transmission in aidsmaps from biting,razor,fighting..so i got confused,if hiv cant infect outside host,why thats case happen,thanks before
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the documented cases is not clear and very suspicious.these risk alot on theoretical not really happened in real life..
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