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what I found in CDC - FOR ORAL SEX


At the end what's the truth ?

why everybody concerns about the transmision on oral sex, and you on this web site not ?

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what you fail to understand is...NOTHING that you can copy and paste onto this forum will make us change our stance on oral sex.  you have been given an assessment using the latest, up to date information regarding hiv and transmission...our answers will NOT change.

kindly move on, as you do NOT have a hiv concern.
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AIDS hotlines are manned by people that don't know anything about HIV or AIDS. They read outdated materials from prepaired sheets.
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what do you say...?



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SORRY SORRY SORRY !!! - didn't want to make you mad

I will explain you...
for example in our country we have an hiv/aids hotline.. I had call for several times there and they told me that also ORAL SEX is a risk ....

Don't know what to think anymore.... even the specialists in our country said that there is a risk ? or they said this only to make me prevent... or ... i don't really know why!
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