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what does 3 mean?

Hy Guys
Sorry, some say 12 weeks, some say 3 month. But 3 month are 90 days, 12 weeks are 84! I've tested after 87 days after passive oral sex. But I didn't know the girl, it was at holiday, and there are some people in this world, who wants infect people by injuring themselves. Sounds mad, but that's fact!

Thx for your answer!


This discussion is related to ELFA HIV tests and Diabetes impact on testing - Dr. HHH/Dr EWH.
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Only a 3 month post exposure test will give you a conclusive negative test result.
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Okay, how many weeks do you mean are 3 moths? Why does hardly everybody tell something with 12 weeks??? This is a deadly sickness!
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Cut the drama--12 weeks or 3 months is conclusive--move on please.
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Thx Rainlover! From where doch you know that?
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it's been 12 weeks or 3 months since 2004.You must have been reading outdated information.
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okay, funny :-) Thanx, Rainlover!
I was in a talk with an expert in 1998 in he said even then, that 3 month waiting is enough!
We are all confused by HIV, right?
Is it right, that the ANTIBODY-senisvitiy of the 3rd generation ELISA is higher than the ANTIBODY-sensivitiy of the 4th generation ELISA?
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There were HIV specialists in the mid 90's saying 3 months was conclusive.I would think a 4th generation HIV test is more sensitive then a 3rd generation.
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Eh, sorry, Teak, did I make any mistake? what's wrong? why do you post this?
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HIV is not transmitted by oral sex and you never needed an HIV test.
Math question for you. How may weeks in a month? Now mulltiply that by 3.
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