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what is my risk??

I'm a male who had unprotected sex with a csw about 6 weeks ago in S.E asia and would like to know whether i got hiv. My sysmptoms are:

1. At week 6 since exposure, i started to develop mild flu with congested nose where i recover after consuming prescription medicine from doctor ( about 4 days).Right about this time i have some serious constipation.

2. At week 7, i recover from constipation but have a string of headache which feel more like my head been spinning around and some sharp pain at the back of the head. I also started to have a bad sore throat with swollen glands right under my chin. My sore throat recover about 6 days after consuming prescribed medicine but my glands are still swollen. I also develop a mild fever about 37.6 degree during this time and back to normal as soon as my sore throat recover.

My question here is: Do i have hiv by these sysmptoms?? do i need to have hiv test??

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ARS symptoms...if any...start at 2-4 weeks post exposure and last from 1-2 weeks.  your symptoms are NOT indicative of hiv.

having unprotected sex possibly put you at risk of contracting hiv.  you can test at 6-8 weeks post exposure for a good indication of your status...but according to guidelines, you must follow that up at 3 months for a CONCLUSIVE result.
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Thank you by this prompt reply. I was really freaked out by my foolishness. I will have my hiv test  next week. Never ever again i will have any unprotected sex
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