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whats going on with me?

I’ve been having all kind of joint Pains, my hands itches and has red blood spot in the palm that disappears when I push on it. My tongue have some enlarge taste buds after being put on Med for GERD, I keep think I’m sick and I think its getting the best of me. But my now Wife and I had a baby, she did multiple tests while pregnant and they found nothing.
I was working on a construction site and accidently poke myself with one of the workers tool and though nothing of it but after seeing the changes in my body your mind wonders soooo much I thought of so many ways I could have gotten sick without sexual intercourse and it freeked me out.
My daughter is now 7 months and is constantly constipated Is it possible the doctors missed something?
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You never had a risk of contracting HIV.
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