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when are 4th gen test conclusive?

I had a condom slippage witha part time commercial sex work while having vaginal sex (was exposed for 2-3 mins and i did not ejacuate)
Got tested for  by 4 th gen HIV combk Cmia at 4th and 8th week and the result was non reactive.
Also managed to get the Csw tested by the same testt at 5 weeks and 5 days from exposure and her result was non reactive.
At 8 weeks i have got 100-101f fever and a really bad throat doc has prescribed antibiotics for 3 days
Really stressed.
ALot of contradictory info on window periods and conclusiveness of 4th gen HIv test  
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The doctors have never seen an negative antibody test at 8 weeks change later on. The guidelines are 12 weeks post exposure, so it would still be advisable to test then for a conclusive result, but your results are not at all likely to change.
Thanks for the kind words
Its just that at 8 week i came down with viral fever and now am freaking out
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We're human. We get sick from time to time.

It has nothing to do with HIV.
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