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where and how to get PCR test


I feel I have been exposed to HIV in the early part of January this year.

I did two antibody tests but they were negative probably because it's early for antibodies to appear.

The tests were at a Planned Parenthood and at a doctor's office. Both places asked me to wait 3 months to do antibody tests till antibodies arrive.

Meanwhile I am going thru anxiety. Where can I get tests that can indicate the presence/absence of HIV before waiting 3 months?


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What was your exposure ?
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I have gotten PCR DNA tests at 28 days as I could not wait 3 months.  However, be warned that there is a risk of "false positives" with that test (approximately 5%)but there is no false negatives.  The doctor would tell you to wait a couple more weeks (6 week mark) and get an Elisa test which is highly reliable (>99%).  I couldnt wait and got the PCR but if I had a false posititve, that would have really screwed me up.  So take it at your own risk.  You can google HIV DNA PCR Test if you really want to go that route but the test is very expensive.
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worried1972 - where did u get ur PCR test done at ?

Did u get a DNA or a RNA...I assume it was -ve

Wouldn't a -ve PCR at 28 days be 99% accurate ?

How do u feel after the results ?
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I have been told that it is best to wait for the antibody test. I was too nervous and I had a PCR DNA test done at 11 weeks, but I probably could have just had an antibody test at that time. I was super stressed. Mine was non-detected on the PCR test (negative).
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Ronnie99 - but 11 weeks is too far ahead...u cud wait for 1 more week and get a rapid hiv test
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False positives are not that common today.

They have been abe to reduce it down to less than 1%.
Besides, one should have an antibody test ran together with the PCR test.
The PCR test is ran numerous times if it proven to be +.
Backed with a Western Blot.

I am tired of people saying that it is not a diagnostic tool.
Pre-natal woman have this test ran....why wouldn't or couldn't anyone else?

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It doesn't matter....so long as the test is ran after 28 days.
Once the PCR is +, it is always positive for the longevity of someone's life.

That was the response from MD HHH in the previous forum.
And besides,...a 11 week test is more than reliable.
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Thanks for your replies.

My exposure was I performed oral sex on a woman at an asian massage parlor.

Most places I call up to get tested are not offering anything other than antibody test. They say the PCR and ELISA are only after antibody test comes out positive.

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k1978 -


these guys do a PCR test..but if u want to take it make sure to take it after 28 days post exposure

btw u risk is less than zero if not zero
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Your risk was null.  Move on my friend.
Damn, I wish I had that risk.
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