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which test is the best in late hiv state

my case is that i had un safe sex since approximatelly 10 years ago and i face some strange symptoms like headache and chronic diarrhea weight loss and i had elisa 1 and 2 tests iam worry if my case is too late that elisa 1 and 2 test will not be usefull where antibody not exists now if that is true which test will be sharp? and when we can say that some case is late ? is it related to current cd4 count ??
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An ELISA test is never to late.
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I hope you have not been worrying about this for 10 years.
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ok thank you too much for your support but i have only small question does this mean that when you do elisa 1 and 2 test after too much time of your un safe relation its result will be accurate 100% even if you are in hiv late stage ?
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Of course it will be accurate. As long as you haven't put yourself at risk less than 3 months before testing.
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