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who knows

who knows if im positive but i just wanted to  make myself welcome here.
thanks guys
i am gay
i heard from my friend who is on here that a guy called teak who has hiv is very knowledgable and knows about hiv as he has it
teak are you here?
just want to say hi and hope ur doing ok
no trolls to post a reply please
i'm actually looking for real people to connect with to discuss hiv
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i'm not teak...and i'm not a troll either :)

what do you want to know?  did you have a risk?
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anal sex with a  positive partner but with protection. some people say its worth testing but others say to forget it
u know what i mean?
so i too an antigen and antibody test at 18 days and they were both negative
is this enough time for an accurate result?
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There ane many serodiscordant couples who have protected sex on a regular basis. None have contracted HIV . Consistant use of condoms and lube is very very effective at preventing the spread of HIV. You can have intercourse with anyone you choose as long as you wear condoms.  Good Luck to you and Welcome to the Forum.

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Theres something about men with hiv that attracts me how they can be so confident, the danger, can anyone relate?
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No and I do have HIV. We may be confident that we are more knowledgeable about HIV.
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ok sorry teak.
good luck
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