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who need test at 6 months?

Good morning, I am writing you from Mexico. And  I need an advice and a real answer, because I was in internet lookinf for and only what I foun it was more answers and anxiety.

If I have several Negative HIV test , my last test was 15 weeks after , is it conclusive?

Do I need more tests?

Who needs test at 6 months?

I read in CDC website this: Ask your health care provider about the window period for the test you’re taking. If you’re using a home test, you can get that information from the materials included in the test’s package. If you get an HIV test within 3 months after a potential HIV exposure and the result is negative, get tested again in 3 more months to be sure.

But in CDC doesn´t say who need to repeat the test.... only say  get tested again in 3 more months to be sure...

so If I have several 4th generation hiv test negatives and my last test was in the week 15 ( 105 days ) after.

Do I need to re test at 6 months?

Or who has to re test at 6 months?

In Mexico where I am ,TELSIDA says : 3 months is conclusive, you don´t need more test.

But my problem was that I was in the internet and I read what CDC say

I don´t want more test really... I want continue with my life.

You know what I have almost 20 HIV Test.. all of them negatives..  

In the 1 week first , then in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc  until my last in the week 15th.
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You tested conclusively negative.
The CDC is very conservative.
If someone has a serious underlying health issue there potentially could be a delay in antibody production or if your Dr had a concern about anything patcular.
Your tests also looked for p 24 antigen.
You had way more than enough tests to detect either or both.
You satisfied your countries hiv testing guidelines and in the States.
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Thank you for the answer. So the 6 months is only for people with health problems as cancer ,etc ?.

Why CDC doesn't mention that?only say test at 3 and 6 months . in general public
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Improved testing technology has reduced the window period. Mexico has determined through research and studies that 3 months is conclusive. World health organization agrees. The documents from my clearview antibodies only test says, "if you have had no risk in the last three months and test HIV negative, you are
conclusively hiv free.
Trust your results and get your peace back.
I neglected to ask, what was your risk?
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Thanks again for you answer. Well my risk was oral sex.

I made oral sex to a woman
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Wished I asked sooner.
Oral sex at best is an absolute low risk to only theoretical
Put this behind you, you are in the clear.
Most Drs would say, no need to test and that's the position here.
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Oh really ? So I didn't have a risk
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According to many experts, correct.
But you did so hopefully you are now free of this concern.
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Thanks for you answer
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Hi again. Well yesterday the woman who i gave the oral sex.she went with me to the lab and she tested 4 months after and her results was hiv negative .
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With this i can see that she is negative and she was negative when i was with her
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As stated, oral sex is not a risk for HIV and you never had a risk.  We wish you the best and are closing this discussion.  

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