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wooried of possible HIV infection

About 9 months ago, I did a really stupid thing and had unprotected sex (whick on lasted about 5-10 minutes) and very brief oral sex with a woman who I did not know. I met her at a bar. I stopped because I just didnt feel right about it. She told me, after the fact, the does she crack. I asked her if she injected it and she said she smokes it (but who knows). I was already worried and this really got me concerned. I tried to forget about it but couldnt.

I have not really had any symptoms except for skin problems. Back of my right hand had white flaky itchy skin (I have had real dry skin here ovet ht e last several years here especially during winter) and my little finger got real itchy ***** bumps. I put medication on the bumps and it went away except for some peeling. I only had the bimps for 3 days or so. Also, have an inch purple patch below my left knee that wont go away. and some pimples or small red marks on the chest. and have red marks where my beard is on my face ( i have had past problems over the years with this though however.)

I have scheduled an HIV test for tomorrow. I know you cant rely on symptoms but just wanted to get your opinion on possible infection. I hope I make it through this because I have learned my lesson.

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forgot an important point. she says she didnt know her HIV status
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you had a risk and doing the right thing in testing.  if it has been 9 months since you had unprotected sex...then the result will be conclusive.
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Good luck... getting tested is very difficult to do but at least you will have a definitive answer.....
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most comments are usually positive toward the person and mine weren't but i appreciate the honesty. I'm definitely afraid of getting tested because it looks like I have it. I don't know what I am going to do.
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WOW...what is it that you want?

odds are 1:2000 that you would get hiv from a one time encounter
odds are that she doesnt have it
your symptoms mean nothing and are not indicative of hiv

it does NOT "look like you have it"

you are testing TOMORROW...
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I didnt mean what I wrote in an unappreciative way. Actually I am appreciative of your comment and want the honesty. That is why I put this on here. I very much appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. I apologize if what I wrote came of the wrong way.

I am just very concerned, worried, and down right now.
Thank you again for your time in responding
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