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worried about protected sex


I am still worried about my protected sex 7 weeks before.

(1) for my unprotected sex : 8 week resutls were -ev.
(2) For my protected sex : 3 week results were -ev.

I am going to do 12 week testing for unprotected sex encounter. Do I need to worry about protected sex where no condom break occured. I have been feeling itching on scalp, chest and have 1-2 small red bumps. Sometimes redish skin on cheast which would go away in 1 hour to 1 day.  I never had fever but had headques throughout since I have started testing.

I have been in tension now again for my protected sex which was occured after (1).

Do I need to test for 3 months for my protected sex OR testing at 3 months for unprotected sex is fine ?

Please advise.
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Only a test at 3 months post exposure will give you a conclusive test result. Antigen tests are never conclusive.
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ELISA is the HIV AB test.  He could have tested you for the p24 core protein during your ARS symptoms or exposure to the virus.  Or a HIV RNA PCR but he won't do that because it's a more expensive test.

Most HIV antibodies will be made 4-6 weeks after exposure for a antibody test to be positive.   I think the 3 month range will cover the statistical outliers for HIV infection, which is more than 2 times the usual time for antibodies to have been developed for HIV.
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I just got my 13 week results -ev. Doc has given out HIV 1 AB. Do I need any further or any other kind of testing ? Please advise teak.

I appreciate all help you are doing to this forum.

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Hello Teak,

what is the difference between HIV 1 AB test and ELISA..?? My doctor is prescribing HIV1 AB each time..? Please let me know, if that's okey.

thanks for your help.
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Three month post your last unprotected sex will give you a conclusive result.
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