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worried at 8 weeks

i am a gay man from canada, i had a one time thing with this guy turns out he is +..i tested negative at 2 weeks 4 n a half weeks and another negative at 8 weeks..how accurate is it..the nurse at the clinic here says a 4 week is 90% accurate..how accurate is an 8 week..ive been told that they cant see anything changing in the next four weeks...i was the top..everyone is telling me that im going to be ok..but i am sick with worry..this happened may 7th and i have had 3 elisa tests all negative..so im just wanting some reassurance that my 12 week 3 month test will be negative as well..so anywho thanks for taking the time for reading my concern..take care and bye for now.
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the condensed version is that your 8 week test is HIGHLY unlikely to change...relax

both 12 and 13 weeks is considered conclusive
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MOVE ALONG. The US is the only country that used 13 weeks everyone else uses 12 weeks and the only time a test is conclusive is 3 months post exposure.
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Because this forum is international if you would have taken a look before your started posting.
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3 months is the guidelines to obtain a conclusive negative test result and that is what this forum uses.
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i am just worried..i worried myself sick and sunk into a depression..i suffer from bi polar disorder and anxiety disorder which only made the situation worse...my exposure day was may 7th...just came back from the fireworks..for canada day and who was standing ten feet away from me..the guy that is + he wasnt quick to leave...anywho i hear alot of countries including Australia are using a 2 month window period..why in canada and the usa still use the 3 month..doesnt make any sense..i mentioned to the nurse..i think they should call it the confirmation period and not the window period..because window period leaves room for doubt and fear...at least confirmation gives u hope..i do not have any symptoms..i feel just as normal as i have always felt..im healthy not sick at all considering how worried ive been..you think i would of caught even the common cold..because i was so beyond stressed..but like i said i was the top he was the bottom..it was a one time thing..here in saskatchewan canada a 4 week is 90% with the elisa testing they use...so anywho im trying to stay calm and think positive...but thank you all for ur concern and ur responses..it helps a lil..i just hate the term 3 month window period..i cant see anything changing from the 8 week to the 12 week...anywho hope to hear more responses..again thanks
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8 weeks is close to 100% accurate. Expect your 3 month test to be negative.
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