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worried of hiv, had a sexual encounter with spa worker

i visited a massage parlour 3 weeks ago, she gave me body to body massage , i fingered her and she also gave me  handjob, when i was fingering her, she said that i have a big nails so she felt pain and i stopped and right after fingering her i masterbated and touched the head of my penis with same hand i had finegred her, and during body to body massage head of  my penis might have rubbed her clitoris/vaginal lips for some time, i didnt have condom but i did NOT penetrated inside her vagina but there was some precum on my penis and i ejaculated on her breast after that i am worried as hell of getting hiv also i dont know the status of her
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Not a risk.  Risks for HIV include having unprotected (with penetration) vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. Fingering is not a risk nor is masturbating with hand you used to finger. Air inactivate the virus. Same for penis touching her genitals. This will not transmit the virus as air is present.  NO RISK.
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Thanks for the answer, bit relieved but still ,
considering the worst case scenerio, lets say she is hiv+ and has high viral load too and also has some lesions on her clitoris
Possibility of  her vaginal fluids present on her genital area might have in contact with the precum I had on my penis while we were rubbing them against each other ? could the virus travel through precum and get inside me, also i read that glans of penis is also vulnerable area for hiv virus

cause I am not feeling well since the day I had this encounter like a bit warmed and also has some rashes on skin could it be because of stress ?
every time I feel low since the encounter I relate this to that incident and and  I feel feverish and a constant fear of getting HIV is on my head
No, the virus does not "travel."  This is not a realistic risk scenario.  If testing is the only way for you to forget about this event and move on, then you can test 4 weeks after the event with a 4th generation test.  Your result will be negative since you didn't have a risk.

Whatever is causing your medical issues has nothing to do with HIV.  Symptoms would never start the same day, or the day after - and also, you didn't have a risk.
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