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wound on shaft

hi doctor

i've been reading a lot of posts trying to get some clarity but finally decided to ask a specific question.

i recently had protected insertive anal sex.

the night prior to this i had had an itchy scrotum and scratch so much that the skin was tender, inflamed and broken.
as it was on the scrotum it didnt occur to me that it could be an issue.( it was where the pubic hair began and scrotum met base of penis.) with an erection, however, this skin actually became part of the lower penis shaft, uncovered, or just at the end of, the condom. i doubt this part of the shaft went as far as the sphincter but it may have.

my question is, am i at risk of HIV from any blood from the anus of my partner that may have come out in the sex act?

i called a PEP hotline and they said they didnt recommend PEP for this. now the 72 hours have passed  and i keep running through scenarios in my mind and it's causing me a lot of anxiety

i appreciate any advice you may offer.

thank you
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Protected sex is SAFE sex.
No need to worry.
Take care.
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