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losing hair on only one side of head

Hello there, I'm hoping someone out there may have experianced this problem, or may have some ideas as to what is going on with me,For the last six month, I have been steadly losing the hair on the right side of my body,my mother is a hairstylist she specializes in hair loss ,wigs and hairpieces for any type of hairloss,including cancer, and alopecia.I go to her every six weeks to get a cut and color and she obviously has been cutting my hair since I was a baby,in the past six months I have lost hair on the right side of my head,she showed me the difference between the right side to the left and it was stunning!!! there was a inch difference in length and I am thinning throught out the right side of my head . My mother said she has never seen anything like it that she can remember.and she should know.I have noticed that on the right side of my body hair is not growing at the same rate as the left side,have any of you had a hair loss patten like this? I'm stumped !! thanks
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I was just searching the internet and came across your post.   I had to respond because this is exactly what's happening to me!  The right side of my hair is significantly thinner, and shorter due to the fact that it breaks off easily about mid shaft.  I'm completely at a loss but it's great to hear I'm not the only one with a crazy head of hair!
I had the same problem. This news article may help: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2214841/Bad-hair-day-Blame-medicine.html. I had been on lithium and lost a "patch" on one side of the head. Hir loss usually starts ont he top. Everywhere else I had thick hair, even on top. So this hole on the right was confusing. Read the article.
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My hair thinning has been only on the right side also.  I also have a fairly
large forehead and a now receeding hair line.  I've been using Rogaine on the hairline at my temples. I'm seeing regrowth there.  I've been putting Rogaine on the right side of my head, but I'm not sure if it is even
doing anything.  I also have hair thinning on the right arm.  Even my pubic hair is noticably less on the right!
Aside from that, my 10 year old (super preemie) has a larger forehead
than mine.  Has anyone dealt with hair growth where there was none
prior?  Kids can be monsters at that age.  She also has really fine,
thin hair on the rest of her head.  (She also has developed underarm and pubic hair at 10.  But that's another story...)
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I'm just reading up on some information about hair lost because i have hit that stage where my hair is slowly thinning.  A friend of mine referred me a Chinese herbal spray that helps with hair growth.  He has been using it for awhile and he said it had helped him greatly and surprisingly i see the difference on his hair too... he got the spray at a Chinese herbal store.  But i just purchased it on their website www.88herb.com.  I'm on my first spray and eagerly waiting for it to work.  i'm just spreading this and hopefully it will help you too.  Their price is very reasonable!
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Did you all have a physical check up? I read some info on line that some people lost hair only on one side of their heads was due to cancer. You might want to rule it out.
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hi my sisters a hair dresser and today both she and the salon manager confirmed that my hair is both thinning and breaking off on the right side, and as you said she showed me the differance and its shocking. im now worried as im tired and have felt genuinly unwell for a long time.

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Hi everyone,
thanks for all of your input and respones!! I am still losing and growing hair at a slower rate on the right side of my body.I did find out that,.. it is rare but  this can  happen in people that experience a stroke like in my case,  or have T.I,A's or a disruption of bloodflow , some type of trama ect. to the brain. cancer or , also in my case a benign tumor,again recently uncovered but probably been in my brain for many many years.If you think that you have any of these conditions talk to your doctors.I'm  still not of good health,and I worry about another stroke at the age of 43, please don't brush off ( no pun intended!! ) hair loss especially when it is so symptomatic !!
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Same issue here.. started with some diffuse thinning on the right side. Now i can see my left side hair grows longer than the right side. Its difficult convincing people this is an issue. But i can feel that hair volume on the right is lesser than it was before. Also the texture feels changed. My derm agrees that the right side, in the front has some thinning, but not the back. There is hair the further back i go, but i feel that the hair there is lesser than the right. The derm said it might be MPB or mild attack of alopecia areata.
Not sure what else i can do. Going to the hair club next week to see if they can do a miniaturization mapping (check out http://www.baldingblog.com/) search for miniaturization mapping... that might help first prove/disprove the fact that the hair all over the right is thin.

Will post back with those results on the 4th dec.
Any tests you had done or recommend which i can try.

Thank you
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Got the same problem of hair thinning on the right side of my head only. Any new info on what this might be.  Been to several doctors but no answer. Would like to have an update from you.
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I recently discovered I have two large bald spots on the right side of my head. They are at least the size of a quarter or even a half dollar.  My doctor told me it could be stress.  She checked my thyroid level and it was 5.5.  That is a little high.....but could that be the reason my hair is falling out on one side and mainly in the same area??  I have cardiovascular issues and depression.  My doctors do not believe the meds are causing it. I do not have baldness in my family. I am female and 53 ....... email address  ***@****
well if they are round bald spots, check your dht level for testosterone converting to dht causing hair loss and they can give you steriod shots and the hair should return in a month hence a lady at a salon had that same problem
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Hi, everyone. I've been having this same problem for several months now too where the hair on just the right side of my head is thinning. I use a RoboCut vacuum haircutter to cut my hair and I set it to cut my hair all the same length, and it does a great job, so I knew it wasn't just the result of a bad haircut I got from a barber or whatever. I noticed it because I noticed that the hair on the right side of my head started to get harder to manage and make it look right. The hair on the left side of my head was just fine and effortlessly covered my ear and looked great without me having to do hardly anything to it, but the right side was constantly giving me trouble and I noticed it was a lot harder to make that side look nice like the left side and it had trouble covering over my ear like on the left side. Well, then one time I was "fluffing" my hair up by brushing it from the bottom of my scalp, like underneath my ears, with my fingers and going all the way up to the top and then repeating it several times to "fluff it up" before I fix it down, and I noticed that the hair on the left side was all thick and nice like it's always been and the hair on the right seemed...a lot less.

I've also just recently noticed that I'm getting some gray hairs only on the right side of my head. I got tired of seeing them and have been plucking them out for the past few days or so, and I estimate that I've plucked out like...ten or fifteen or so gray hairs or something like that, but I looked on the left side of my head and brushed through the left side with my fingers to look underneath to the lower layers of hair to search for gray hairs and I didn't find any.

Anyway, this is driving me crazy and I really want to know why this is happening and more importantly how to make it stop. I'm theorizing that this is being caused due to lack of sufficient blood flow in just the right side of the scalp. I'm not sure why this loss of blood flow would occur in only one side of the head like this, but I'm guessing it has something to do with how the veins are "wired" throughout our heads. I think I've also noticed that when I walk a few miles or do something else to get my blood pumping, if I pay attention to it, I notice I can feel the left side of my head pulsing along with my heartbeat as my blood pumps through it, but I'm not feeling that pulsing feeling in the right side of my head. Also, the fact that some of my hairs are turning gray on just the right side also suggests that this could be caused due to lack of blood flow because if you don't have enough of certain nutrients, then that can cause your hair to turn gray, and if you think about it, if your blood isn't flowing or if the blood flow is significantly reduced through one side of your scalp like that, then that side isn't going to be getting those essential nutrients regardless of how much of those nutrients you have in your blood. This effect should stop once normal blood flow resumes.

I also find it interesting that everyone here is saying that they're experiencing thinning on the *right* side of their head. No one is saying that it's happening on the left. This also leads me to believe that it's got something to do with how our veins are wired or something common to everyone like that as opposed to being just coincidence. I wonder if this could even happen on the left side of the head. If so, it still seems a lot more common that it happens on the right. I just wish I knew for sure exactly what was causing it.

Now, if this is caused by lack of blood flow, the big question I still have is *why* the blood flow is being restricted on that side of the head. I really want to go to a doctor and ask them about this issue, but the problem with that is that I know you can almost never really trust what a doctor tells you. I mean, let's face it: most of them just want to tell you anything whether or not that's what the real problem is, especially in a case like this where they'd probably have to do a lot of research themselves to find out what's causing it, and then they wanna just prescribe you some drugs and receive their financial kickbacks from the drug companies. Unfortunately, like everything else in this corrupt world, it's all about money. It's very hard or just about impossible to find someone, doctor or otherwise, who actually really cares and would want to take the time and put forth the extra effort to find out what's really wrong and really try to help you through it. ...The whole thing is just endlessly frustrating. ...I think I'm still gonna see a doctor about it, but I don't have a lot of faith in him or her really addressing the issue and finding out what's really wrong.

If anyone can somehow find out exactly why this is happening and more importantly how to make it stop, please, please, *please* let me know. I really don't want my life to end already, but I know me and I know that if this problem continues to get worse and worse, I'm gonna end up totally withdrawing from the world socially whether or not I want to and I'll end up going into a deep depression, like I've been in before for other reasons, and I'll just end up sitting in a house not wanting to even go outside to go to work or anything, and that'll go on until I run out of money and can't pay the bills and then I'll end up just blowing my brains out. I'm really not trying to be overly graphic or dramatic, but I know that's honestly where this will lead to because I know me and I know how I'll totally obsess over something like this, like I already am, but at least the way it is right now it's not *too* bad and I'm able to disguise it by "fluffing" the right side of my head and trying to make it kind of "poof out" more -- that's the best way I know to describe it -- and also kind of mushing the left side of my hair down so that it's "poofing out" less. The combination of doing these two things makes it look like it's even. It's really upsetting, though, that I have to do that just for it to look even.

...But if it keeps getting worse and worse, eventually I won't be able to disguise it anymore by doing that, and then now I have the graying hairs on that side of the head to worry about too. I also look absolutely *terrible* with a shaved head, so that's not an option. I know some people look okay or even good with shaved heads, but I'm definitely not one of them.

...I just...can't go through life with my hair all gray and thinned out on one side of my head like that. I'll look absolutely ridiculous. ...I know a lot of people will misinterpret this as me being selfish or "not realizing what I do have" or something like that, but that's not what it is. I just know me and I know that I wouldn't be able to function in society like that. I would just...shut down socially until suicide was my only option left. ...I really don't want it to go that far. I've been thinking about it a whole lot lately. I end up thinking about it all day and night actually, even when I'm doing other things. I think about it all the time whether I mean to or not and whether I want to or not. ...I think about all the other things I want to do in my life, and I really don't want it to end already. I mean, sometimes I say I just want to die and leave this world, and I do feel that at the time when I'm really upset about something, but then when I calm down I remember that even though this world is unbearable at times, I still don't want to leave it just yet because there's still things I want to do and people I don't want to leave behind. ...But despite all that, I know how I am and I know I just won't be able to function in society if this problem keeps getting worse.

...Well, anyway, sorry for the little rant there. ...I just really, *really* hope that someone finds out how to make this stop so I can have my life back again.

...Please, if anyone finds out how to fix this problem, please, please, *please* let me know.
have you did blood test, tsh, free t4 , free t3, ferritin needs be high normal (iron), dht, b12, and do you have any digestive issues hence do you ever bloat etc meaning your are not digesting your foods well enough for body to get vitamins from food and you can suffer many other things.....just some ideas to check out....bec i had hair loss and i have read and read and read bec it is very frustrating....TOPIX you buy online or ulta....really makes it less noticeable on top of the head...only takes a little and is really worth the investment...and a little goes a long way
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I am having the same problem. hair thinning on right side and feels like wire, hard to manage and have to pay alot of attention tho that side, left side is nice feels nice, just happend in apprx 6-8 months.  Have been stressed due to rocky marriage right now but find it hard to believe only losing hair on one side of my head.  Tried sleeping different and everything, get up in the morning and shower, blow dry hair and my fingers have hair in it from the right side.  Hormones??  am 43 yrs old, not liking it at all!!  Any info would be great. Going to gyno next thursday maybe he can test the hormones see if it from that.  I cant stand the fact of going bald on one side of my head.
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I just joined a forum for the first time in order to share with you that I, too, have the problem of losing hair only on the right side.  It's happened gradually over the last 2-3 years, but now the right side has approx. 1/2 the hair as the left side.  The falling out (at the root) seemed to stop when I started taking zinc, but has resumed - so I guess zinc isn't the answer.

I've been as frustrated as you all because hair loss could be related to S0 many things, and also because doctors don't seem much interested.  It seems to me, though, that hair loss on just one side may have fewer possible causes and narrow down our search for answers/solutions.

The blood flow/circulation angle seems plausible to me.  I have thought about scalp massage, but worry about aggravating or accelerating.

Please count me as one of your friends.  

have you checked your ferritin serum level hence i read it should be 80 or higher for hair growth and if you are low normal, then the  body steals it from the hair.....you can google all that, also dht can cause hair loss, low zinc, low omegas, low amino acids, low thyroid hormone aka hypothyroidism, and a shift in other hormones.....
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