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oily scalp, thinning hair

hello, the very best to all in medhelp.

from my teenage years onwards i always have used shampoos to control dandruff. i'm 28 now and for some months my scalp has been noticeably more oily, even generating minor itching. i have aga antecedents in my father's family side, but  hair loss had been controlled and moderate until this moment. but coinciding with the oily scalp i've been losing a lot of hair in the shower and noticed thinning of my hair in the front and top of the head.

i understand oily scalp is not medically linked to thinning hair and aga, as those are caused by hormonal imbalance and genetics. anyway, i would like to know if specialty shampoos for oily scalp (containing zinc, sulphurs, naturist, herbal and so) are any good or have indifferent results on the oily scalp? also, if those shampoos won't make hair loss worse? are there products that treat both conditions? i'm visiting a dermatologist here in mexico city, but would love to corroborate with the excellent experts at medhelp.

thanks a lot, the very best,

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I think you would love Well Regulate shampoo.  It is mild on the hair and effective at controlling oily scalp.  You will only use a tiny amount compared to other shampoo, which takes the sting out of the high price.  It's hard to find, so google Wella Regulate shampoo and order it online.  I found the smaller size bottle for about $9, and with shipping it was about $14.  That's better than when I used to buy it where I got my hair cut.  

I suggest you alternate that shampoo with Nizoral.  It may be your oily skin has encouraged the growth of Candida.  If that is the case, Nizoral shampoo (I like the 1% OTC strength, but some people like the Rx 2% version) will allow your hair to grow back.  
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Oh, and if it is the oily-scalp/yeast/dandruff kind of thing going on, start taking a probiotic like Align and cut WAY back on sugar consumption for best systemic control of any yeast overgrowth problem you may be having.  People who drink soda pop are consuming ridiculous amounts of sugar.  Try to eat whole fruits and home-cooked meals of organic meats and vegetables.
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And one more thing - get tested for celiac disease, thyroid problems, and lupus.  
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