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Really Can this all be Severe RA?

I haven't been able to talk to anyone about all of this but here's the jist of 2010...just warning it's frightening all in one place...
2010 snapshot:

Jan: Glaucoma diagnosis, genetics/inflammation caused,

Feb: Went to Dr. for stomach ache and white you know...Came out with Barrett's Esophagus/Hiatial Hernia/Gallbladder/Liver/Biliary Cirrhosis,  

Mar: Removal of the Gallbladder surgery,

April: Jaw surgery, due to bone loss and acid erosion (had this done in 07 on front/sinus area too),  

May: Barrett's esophagus worse/stomach ulcers found, stopped working,

June: appendix disaster (inflammation), blood pressure problems worse,

July: Started working again. Redo on the Upper EGD; found ten ulcers caused by Hpylori bacterial infection in stomach and esophagus tissue\took antibiotics; felt a lot better!  

August: ruled out Barrett's \started stronger meds for inflammation in tissues, joints and muscle,

September...ah month of peace...

Oct: started blood pressure meds helped the headaches!  inflammation finally 'under control' good Dr's report finally! ...supposedly... next day hospital for kidney stones..(passed two in the lab cup! and CT found two more in each kidney~hopefully i can pass those without too much pain)

November: has also brought eye disaster cysts on the inside of eyelid scratched cornea so badly that it cause an ulcer on my cornea! Had to start on eye-drops for glaucoma and dryness...

December: I am praying/begging for a peaceful December...
You know when you look at 2010 in my medical world it's just plain ridiculous. I know I don't do a good job of staying positive all the time but I try. I am grateful for insurance and my husband who's had to care for me through all of this craziness... Now for the wintertime rrrrghh is it weird that I really wanna migrate South Every Winter??
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