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I want them out!

Hey! I am looking to have my Harrington Rods removed and am trying to find someone who has had this done and wouldn't mind giving me the doctor's name and info?

age 17- 4/21/03 - Harrington Rods placed from T2-L1
age 26 - 7/10/12 - Microdiscectomy for disc herniation at L2/3
age 26 - 1/16/13 - Extension of Rods to L3 to "correct disc height loss and lumbar curve" - failed

I am 28 now. I used to live a very highly social life as a dancer in school and have always been very athletic. I have DDD, Spinal stenosis, sciatica, nerve spasms, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Scheuermann's disease, all mobility is extremely limited, digestive issues, my cervical spine is flattening and starting to curve opposite of what it should (trying to naturally correct itself which it can't anymore).

Since the last surgery I have been diagnosed with Dystonia, a movement disorder, from spinal trauma.

Now new doctor sees that L4 is pushing backwards, starting to herniate. He wants to bone graft all discs that failed to fuse in this last sx (L1-L3) and add on L4. Then go back in a few days later to replace the extended hardware with a longer piece to include L4.

I do not agree with this and am going crazy being in this much pain and unable to work. I have been going back to the Chiropractor and am able to cope with the pain using natural home remedies. I opt not for pills any longer since I am a recovering addict because I have been in constant pain for 10 years now. Knowing what I do about the spine, removing the hardware seems to be the right choice, to get back to the starting line. I really appreciate you taking the tie to read this and would love to hear from you!

If you would like to see my x-rays and see what Dystonia intails visit these links:
Stay Far Away From Spinal Fusions:   http://goo.gl/ayqvUI
How Dystonia and I Became Close:   http://goo.gl/Lu4OxZ
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