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Lumps Above Ears

First off a little run through of my past symptoms. I went to my GP complaining of a burning throat and wheezing so i  was placed on Omeprazole 20mg and given an asthma pump. A few days ago i went back with a problem swallowing and a dull ache on the left side of my head and (for what seems no reason at all) was placed on Amitriptyline 10mg for 1 month (3 days into the course).

I have now discovered around the size of a thumb nail above my ear to the back by around 1cm. At first it did not hurt but at some points during the day i can feel it being there, it doesn't hurt unless i push on it softly but there is a visible bump if you look closely on my head. I also have one on the other side of my head in the same place but it does not seem to be as large as the other. Could this be a cancer?
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If you feel any kind of lump on your body which wasn't there before, you should be checked out. They may be just cysts which are easily removed. See your GP and tell them about your concerns. That is why they are there. Keep me posted, I am here if you need a person to talk to. I have been through the Cancer thing and continue to have problems. I am always here to listen. I want to help build the strengths of those who feel they need it. So see that GP and put those worries behind you.
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