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Mengianoma, thyroid problems, vertigo

Hello, glad to find this community.
I have had swollen parotid glands off and on for the last 4 years, mostly on...
I had a ctscan on my my throat and they saw a Mengianoma in the
left side near the sinus.
I have had other various seemingly  unrelated symptoms for about 6 months,
I have had really bad Virtago at times.... needing to take medicine for it.
have  been so tired and unwell, through tests, the doctor said my thyroid
was low, so I have been taking thyroid medicine. Also through the Blood tests,
I have something high(sorry dont know what its called) and because of this the doctor
says I need to see a Rheumatologist.
Recently I have had to have my yearly eye doctor appointment,
He was interested in what I said about the Mengianoma, and asked me to bring
the CT Scan , and have a Field Vision Test,
we dont have alot of money, I worry seeing more of these doctors will be more tests
that dont lead anywhere.
But if I could see one or the other, which do you think is the most important now?
I also wonder, could the Thyroid be related to the Mengianoma, and Vertigo,
they told me with the Mengianoma, that the Exray people recommended
checking it in 12 months,
It just seems like there is alot going on to be all unrelated?
thanks, helps just to put this all down on paper, not knowing what is going on
is scary, besides feeling Misreable still even with the thyroid medicine I have
now been taking about 3 months.
thanks for any help.
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