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Oral Cancer and HPV
I am a 30 yo, healthy, hetrosexual male.  About 4 years ago I noticed a small, skin like lesion on the floor of my mouth.  I went to an oral surgeon who cut it out and sent it to the lab.  It came back as HPV. I don't know the strain.  Throughout the past 4 years it has come back, fallen off, and now its back. After examining my mouth a bit more I think I may have another one a few centimeters away. It looks and feels like the other one.

After doing research on the net I see a lot of articles about the link between HPV and Oral cancer especially from HPV-16.  My question is since i have had a case of oral warts and it appears that I still have to deal with it, does that mean I have a very strong chance of getting oral cancer? Can I have oral warts and never get oral cancer?  I will probably go back to the Oral surgeon to have it removed again and this time should I make sure he finds out what strain of HPV it is?  Lastly, is it common for the wart to grow back so often and show up in other areas of the mouth?

After reading all this info I am now paranoid that I will get oral cancer.  Please advise.
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